December 2, 2008

Does He Hide Something?!

I’m hopeless in any program of my school. It’s not because I’ve been changing to run my work but the only one reason is because the principal can’t work as a good leader for us all. It’s not just what I’m thinking about but it’s the fact which has been happening at our school. Say that I’m a workaholic and not all people can take what I can take. But here at our school there are many programs which leave us behind and we just have a nice memory about them all. We didn’t teach on Saturday since we had an art and sport Saturday where students might balance their right-left brain. We had subjects’ clinic where low students could ask and study more out of their subject’s times. We had scheduled times for Olympiad teams, around chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology, information and technology, and social science. We would gather to read Quran before we start studying at morning. But they all are in memoriam nowadays.

I don’t care how much money the principal will take from our school as long as he still runs old good programs. But I can see no good programs still run on nowadays and the international program has been stuck. I and three-four other teachers asked him at our last meeting we had about all programs. I personally asked him by soft, polite and even rude words but we all just got big nothing. I asked him if he had been hiding something from us. I asked him if I still could proud of him as I did before. I asked him what we should answer when students or even their parents asked us all about their program but he had just played a game with us all and answered no questions. He just gave us his big smile while saying I was a good teacher who had fight for him for the sake of school. Almost all teachers gave up then and I was so hopeless with his commitment doing the best for school.

I’m asking me myself what he has been doing. Does he lie to us? What has he been hiding actually? Has he handful so much money from school for himself and that’s why he couldn’t pay teachers to run those programs? How could he write a bad report as his background is an economic field? How could he write certain number of the expensed money for a program on Wednesday report but used other different number for same case on Friday report but they all were reporting as a same annual report?

I won’t let anybody to throw shit at my students’ face for any reasons. I won’t regret to face such bad people who lie to my students as I teach them to be honest. I don’t care who he is even he’s the Indonesian president, if he lies to my students and throw shit at their face, I do don’t mind to fight with. I’m not a nice volunteer for everything but I do love my students and I will protect them from taking such bad things at school.

God knows what he has been doing and He will give what he should get.



Blogger waHyu daNtaRA said...

i see what mam mean about "he"

sometime a just think about our school, but sometime it covered by my other bad think if we don't stay here again,

i hope for the future, i can use my almamater for best of my future mam,,,

we are love u,,

December 03, 2008  
Blogger wyd said...

pray for u for ur best future in god's way

December 04, 2008  
Blogger waHyu daNtaRA said...

amin Mam!

the best of us is yours!!

December 10, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You asked somebody whether he hide something ?? He must be so stupid if he answered your question (and you must be too asking that question... hahaha...)
One will not tell anybody if he/she hides something from other people, or he will not hide it if he wanted anybody knows...
And he follows that simple logic... hahaha....

January 18, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i ever thought the same thing, too.
it is so sad,,

from the outside, it looks good but from the inside, it's not.
we all concern about it

i hope this kind of things does not go more further,,

January 26, 2009  

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