February 18, 2010

Thanks God, I'm Pregnant

My belly bulges. I even felt sick in the morning. I did not feel well but still tried to be cheerful. I just wanna raise positive attitudes for my baby.

There's no food are delicious. All are no taste on my tongue, although a chocolate is bitter to bite. But I do not want to give up. I'll eat good food for the growing small baby in my womb.

How proud I am exposing my stomach growing. Almost every time I hand over my stomach skin, hoping the tiny feeling of my love sweep. I want to pour as much as love I can give my baby.

My body felt so sore. A pillow was on top of my stomach. I tried rubbing, but the stomach was flat as usual. There was no pulse of a tiny. Ukh, I just had dreamt being pregnant!

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Anonymous Latree@Dandelion said...

a dream, uh?
c'mon go make it come true!

February 19, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow i thought u're really pregnant :)

February 20, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow that's great..!!
i hope it come true!
maybe u can get something new in u're life.. :)

February 22, 2010  
Blogger wyd said...

@Anonymous Feb 22, 2010
yeah... have to have a volunteer to do 'something' on me :)

February 23, 2010  

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