February 23, 2010

Be A Real Man

Thanks God to trust me to take care of a young man on my hands but happiness isn’t enough to take care of him. He’s my lovely son. I have a lot of dreams about him. I want him to be a real man, but cannot teach him how to be a real man as I’m not a man and no any man in my personal life since long years ago.

Without a guy by my side, I know it ain't something easy for him to get a man’s figure for a good example. Unlucky me, my male friends have different suggestion about being a real man. When I ask how a real man should treat a woman, one opinion will against another one. It confuses me.

My son says not too worry him because he can handle himself. As a mommy, I want him get the best. Son said one day: mommy, please take another guy and let him to teach me to be a real guy.
The second un-luck, my lovely guy is nowhere :)

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Blogger MAY'S said...

waw... dirimu emang luar biasa... :)

February 24, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmm, I agree with u're son....:)

February 24, 2010  

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