September 28, 2012

Looking for My Way of Life

Long ago I did what I wanna do even though in the Islamic holy month namely Ramadhan. My brain would guide me in everything. I built my world as I wanted it be. Some people thought I was an atheist, some others thought I was looking for a shit thing. As I’ve been older, suppose been wiser, I’ve studied Islam in all ways as my lifestyle. I’m in love with Islam itself, I love its laws to guide my life. I don’t care about ‘the promised land’ as many people may argue about, I just care how the Islamic laws protect my life in this real world. It shows me the right directions to step on.

Suppose this year will be the last year where I’ll spend new year in my own way. Next years I’ll walk with a true direction in Islamic life style. I’ve found my life in it. I wish I could see a nice one to talk more about everything. Suppose he's one who can lead me in Islamic ways. Although I had spent years with those who I thought could be mine but it was wrong.

The Lord will not give us an easy way to find what we need but once He does His work, our turn to finish the remain. I’ve looked for my life way for long time. The time finally comes, it’s my job to finish what I’ve asked the Lord to give.

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September 30, 2012  

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