December 9, 2014

Supply for Over the World : Essential Oils

I today trade essential oils for around the world. My buyers are mostly from Indonesia, both individual buyers for personal needs and distributors. Several distributors have tied with other supplier before they finally decide to contact me. The only one reason is because I give them much better quality (if it's too cocky to say the best) at much lower price. For me in doing a trading business is not to gain the rate too much for any reason. The trading business is only my side job. Money from the trading is mostly spent for charity, mainly for my foster children. I myself run some other business and work as a chemistry teacher.

The trading chain in Indonesia is quite complicated where so many agents play without even have a mL of item offered. If the buyer wants a sample, they may ask down payment first but the sample will never reach the buyer. No wonder Indonesian traders are banned at many trusted trading websites. By this reason I don't offer my products through online sales. Except items from abroad offered by trader mates will be advertized in an Indian trading website. In the last case, I myself just forward the order note to the traders.

I myself isn't called a trader by my business partners because I tell them the initial rate and gain the rate for a very low margin, is maximum 1% of the initial rate. Say it the producer gives me at US 100 of an item, so I will release this item at maximum USD 101. It's so cheap to call a profit. I will not take any other types of profit from both the producer and the buyers. Once again I say that I do this business for charity only to spend time.

What Do We Offer?
We are able to supply several kinds of essential oils. Big products are clove oil (stem, leaf, and bud variants), patchouli oil, ginger oil, and  citronella oil. Several unpublished oils are limited offers for fixed contracts.

You are allowed to buy a sample packed 1 kg of each. I actually don't sell samples but for a subsequent trustworthy big order, we will ask you to pay the sample (each 1 kg) at a gained rate. If you make a big order after receiving the sample, your money for sample will return back to your pocket. You can include the repayment in your payment of big order or you can see it at your bank account. You decide.

For the order, the buyers must pay the order price and the shipping payment (which is various in time and location). I myself will conduct documents for the shipping. In this part, I teach several young men to join me so they will learn by themselves how to run a real business. It's a part of being a teacher, isn't it?

If any party is interested in making an order, just let me know. 



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