February 19, 2008

Indonesian Guys in Comparison

I run into this field because I get closer to males than females. I had never had a best female friend at young age because I thought they're too spoiled, easily to cry, and many couldn't do the easiest guys' job. I'm still curious up till now why females like crying with or without pain. I think they used to such behave to get attention. It's such crap I think.
But today I can't give a fair view about guys because of my years background. But life never been fair, right? So it's ok to keep my view and write it here, isn't it?
In my opinion, Indonesian guys today can't do a fair play with women. Here are the reasons.

First, they think their job are harder than women's jobs. While they're going to office, their wives just stay at home, go shopping, go for manicure-pedicure, chat with their uncreative friends whole days, watch plastic-soap opera (plastic? Yes. Many female artists cover their face and body by plastic:) sorry!) If their wives were employees, Indonesian guys keep thinking their job is higher and more useful than their wives' job. Don't need to compare the salary if you didn't wanna have them bad mad.

Second, they act as a boss at home. How many Indonesian guys would like giving hands to handle home jobs? If he had visited any countries, it's then no wonder to have such free thought. But now I'm talking about regular Indonesian guys. When his wife just gives him a sweet baby and should be in bed longer, he'd like to prepare a maid to serve her than he himself takes care of her. He'd like to give a classic reason that he doesn't know how to take care a new mum even the mum is his wife.

Third, they will use their religion argument to keep their wives under their feet. I'm not arguing how good Islamic laws set women up but guys would prefer taking those laws for their benefits only than doing what Islam ask them.

And Indonesian guys today would like having more than one wife to keep them well but they'd be jealous to see their wife get even a nice smile from another guy. It's pathetic, however. A woman is just a woman. She won't like to share her guy with her competitors. I don't mind a guy to have more than one wife even I'm not a polygamy supporter but he shouldn't take it if it ain't a better way for him and his family and he shouldn't be egoist thinking his needs (sexuality) only and he should use his brain millions before taking a new remarriage.

Once again I tell you all that I'm just writing my view. If you'd like to argue, you may run it on. You can keep your opinion for you and I'll keep my opinion for me. It's fair enough, isn't it?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

so u're an indonesian? good job!

February 20, 2008  
Blogger blogwyd said...

Why don't you leave your identity? Thanks.

February 21, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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