February 20, 2008

My Guys

I'm gonna rank them in order of the most of taking a part in my life today.
The first guy, actually a young guy, is the first guy who I love so much on this planet. He's my beloved son. I had asked him if I could write his name on this paper but he -as usual he does without telling me the reason- ignored. To appreciate him, I let him stand on his view. He's a teen but I still accept him a baby boy many times. I'll be worried so much when he is back home late or when he stays at his friend's home on holiday. I'll call him many times (it can be 2-3 times in one hour) and ask him if he had take lunch, dinner, praying, etc. When I tell this to my friends, they say it's what other mums always do. But I think it's sometimes too funny to do as I know where he stays and he'll feed himself if he's hungry, right? I may be just a mum who thinks she's the most popular person for her children :) Or I don't wanna see him growing up (no, it's not true!)?

Sometimes I think I'm not a good mum but he's always saying (it's not when we two are arguing, indeed) I'm the best mum for him. He's wondering why his friends' mums can't take what his friends will like to have or to do or to watch because their mums will tell them what they should have, wear, or even sing. Normally, we two sometimes have different taste about music as he likes pop+punk and I'd rather rock. He likes to see Pierre Simple Plan singing 'jump' as he's jumping on stage but for me it's something stupid. Once I told him about what I was thinking about the singer but he explained me why he should do so and he finally said it's so cool (with a long so word). Then I'll like to choose to appreciate what he likes or not and if i think it's funny or stupid, i will ask him and i will listen to explanation he says. By this way he won't argue me why I do love Guns n Roses because Axl Rose is too old as a rock band- frontman for him. He says no any friends of him have a mum like me who like rock so much hahahahaha.... He says their mums would like to watch a tele-opera than a news broadcast, would like listening to a classic-pop music than a hard rock, would like to read a family tabloid than a political newspaper, would like to go shopping than to read an education heavy book, etc. etc. He says I sometimes look like a guy than a woman (Oh, my God!). When I asked him if he would like me to change my style, he said,' Noooooooo, please!' Is not that funny enough remembering he has compared me with his friends' mums and his long explanation describes I'm an 'unusual' mum? For me, it's a good view of him, of course, making me need not to change how to talk, how to walk, how to smile :)

The second guy is a very good friend, someone special, maybe the best male friend I've ever have. He's the first person who I'd like to call when I have a good news and need to share with, when I have a bad day and need a shoulder to rely on, when I need an opinion about something which I should decide soon and he's the first person who I'd like to give a special b-day gift. Badly, he lives so far away and can't ask him to visit me as many as I want. But as a proverb says a distance isn't a problem when people's hearts are close each other.

The third guy is a young guy friend. We met years ago and nowadays he leaves his native country to work. For me, he's a good Muslim with who I'll ask more about faith and Islamic rules. I have no any feeling with him but as a good friend only to share about religion. He gonna marry a pretty young girl soon. I'm happy for him and his girlfriend. I'd written one of his story life in 'The Foolish Indian'.

The fourth guy is my daddy. I should rank him in the third place but I rarely talk to him nowadays (Our last meeting was one year ago) even his words still effect my life style. He's the wisest Hindu guy for me. His words has never run rude, can never hurt every single man, but can deeply touch every soul as he has a very huge love.

The fifth place is for another good friend. He's a logical guy who has burnt his unwise words in his past. He had a very bad past but he could stand up and had been building his new life with his own hands. I've learned so much from his days and been much stronger after listening to his life story.

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Blogger uongpening said...

mam, what 'bout me??

February 25, 2008  
Blogger blogwyd said...

You look having a vey terrible headache to get any rank of my view:)

February 27, 2008  
Anonymous widodo said...

How about me, too?

February 27, 2008  
Blogger blogwyd said...

Hi Do, thx to come over. How abt u? u 've already known that u're a special friend for me, cuz u have a global view in ur small head:)

February 28, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello i have a Q, am i 1 of the 5 men and if so which one? now ur wondering who Iam, well let me tell you what happen to me today while at work. Guns n Roses came over the radio and the song was patience, well i had to climb down my ladder bcuz my eyes were filling up w/water and all i could think of is all the time that has been wasted from the momment we met until now, girl im missing, I WANNA BE WITH YOU NOW & 4EVER

July 03, 2008  
Blogger wyd said...

yes, you are the 2nd.
love you, honey....

(the key:
i have 3 keywords of your comment, are: guns n roses, patience, your ladder.)

July 03, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

October 04, 2008  

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