February 22, 2008

Why Do I Love Axl?

I loved Axl. I love Axl. And I'll love Axl. When he was the most number popular guys in this earth, it ain't something special if you liked or even been in love with him. He was so handsome, rock, famous, sexy, he had a very cute smile, he had extreme-powerful real rock vocal, he could run his fingers on the piano's keyboards and play a romantic song, he could change his face in minutes from a wild rock guy became a pin up-faced young guy, he could jump on the brutal fans, he might fall on stage but kept singing, over all things, he had his own rules.

Women would tattoo their sensitive body space with Axl's smile or just his name or might some words such as 'I love Axl', etc. They would put clothes off for him to show how much they loved him. They would say 'hey Axl, I love you', or so on to show him that they were his big fans. But when he's getting older and loosing his powerful, many big fans had been leaving him. As he's an alcohol-cigarette addicted-person, magazines just reported his assaults. His women also reported him at court to show the world how bad he was as their man. How could the one who loved him do that for him? He might be not a perfect man as he got his bad childhood sexuality from his step father, his women should recover him and take care of him. He might be an anger young man but they should understand his bad past before deciding to take a part in his life. What the hell did those women want from him? What the hell did they concern for? His popularity, his wealth, or his good shape only? What a poor Axl!

I do love Axl not just because he's a great frontman (no need to argue that he is!) but he is a nice one personally. He told the world how an Axl might go wrong when he got people threw him out with the bottles or coins. He just wanna perform them but they put throwing him. It's the hell. I couldn't imagine that I'd do better than what he had been showing us if I did get same life as he had. He did great jobs as a singer, as a young guy, or even as a son. Imagine this, if your father did something bad sexuality for you, would you mention him to the world that he's a great man or you'd like to keep any comment about him just for yourself? And if the world forced you to say a word about him, would you say he's a great father or just say what he did for you? Be honest for yourself and you know that he had done the best he had.

But as you all have your opinion about him today, I do agree with you all. He has come to wrong people to make over his angel face onto a weird one and I do do not like his African-hair style today. I can't lie that he has a little lower range voice today than he had at twenties. But about his voice, I think it's normal because he gets older, doesn't he? Could your parents keep their melodious young voice when they're old? Could your grandpa's face be as cute as his young face? Nobody could against natural rules of getting old, right? We did take that Guns n Roses wouldn't be as rock as it had been if the frontman wasn't Axl. I won't say GnR is just for Axl but... Could you imagine GnR on stage playing 'November Rain' without Axl as the singer? Would you attend an old GnR performance without Axl was among other members? I bet for sure that you would not.

I sufficiently hope Axl would show much better performances comparing with his 2005' performances. He had his golden era and he would keep having such great time. I like 'Better' and I think it's Axl, still. I'm still looking forward the Chinese Democracy great album. Today I still love Axl as much as I had before. He is the best lead rocker for me and still be the one up till now. Nobody can replace him. Nobody.

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