February 28, 2008

Why Can't They Face Me?

Today was a fu*king bad day for me. It had been after my staff (say it) told me that he had been asked to write an agreement about his job. It's not because I don't like his job -not at all, I like him. He's a good young guy- but because he's almost taken my responsibility as it ain't his job. It might be so hard for him. It's really unfair for him. He's just a staff who will do what we've agreed about the dormitory's rules. But me, the top leader in this case, who they should ask to sign any agreement about our job, not him, because it's my responsibility.

I know why some office mates did so for him. They might think he wouldn't report me about it because of my busy days. They're really wrong! They thought they could say something wrong about my job in any meeting where I couldn't attend. They're really wrong! My staffs (say it) will report me everything about our job and what people out there talk about it. But I'm wondering why they can't ask me about it as I will be at school on every Friday or Saturday? Did they think that they could face me without me around? Don't say you're facing someone if he/she couldn't hear your voice. That's what they're doing to me.

Why do they need to say something bad about my work? I didn't take hands for their works, never been interested to see theirs. If i thought there's something wrong with their works because theirs might effect my works, I'd say it forward to them. I won't hide my words and say something bad behind them. It's not my way. What the hell were they thinking about when they did it? Why can't they face me as I'm around them? Because they don't do their works well but I do? That's a shit reason to say something bad about people. They're fu*king rot!

Sorry if I used such bad words here. I don't get mad but I hate people who like playing an unfair game. That's all. They're just such looser in my eyes, not more than it!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

such a pitiful bitch!!!!
u a god damn bitch i`ve ever seen in this world!!!!
u think that u`re the only one who can rule the world!!!!
u think, with u`re pitiful body u can do it!!!!
just in your dream, mad bitch!!!
leaved by your husband who is a brandalz and u`re kids just like his father.
i see that u`re really talented and u`re really great woman, but even i never see u by my very eyes. i know u`re sucks, bitch!!!!
Thats why u had weak body!!!
u should be introspect u`re self!!!!
u should know the limitations of life!!!!
u think u`re the only one great woman in this world!!
u wrong, u never see this wide-wide world by your own!!!
Even me, ever going around the world for 2 months, i never see such a bitchy woman like you.

February 28, 2009  
Blogger wyd said...

@anonymous: in my opinion where i can stand on my knees, just loosers who will leave any bad comments without telling their name. it's something like u're shooting someone but u hide the gun. and u're one of them, arent u?

having a weak body aint something bad as long as the weak body can be used for human being... guess so :)

anyway, thx for comments, guy!

and hey... going travelling with a bitchy woman like me is fun, u know.... hehehehehehe

February 28, 2009  

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