March 30, 2008

English Ability of Indonesian Students

Look... I teach in a plus school which has international classes. An international class should mean the class which will use an international way in study. It means students in kinda class should have a good ability in English. Since teachers who teach the program don't get enough information about the students, we - especially I - think students must have a good English ability. At leas they can speak English better than the teachers, they can debate in English, they can create any tasks of any subjects in English, they can write any thoughts in good English, and many more.

I'm tired enough to remind my international students to speak or write in good English. It's the only reason why they will cry, 'Oh, no!' when I ask them to speak English in chemistry class. But hey, they're joining an international class. They've been taking any English course. They've watched any English version of movies, and they will comment in English in their friends' friendster page, however. Why are they scared of using English in class then?

When I visited the capital city, Jakarta, and talked to some young people in English even not fluently they didn't mind to answer me in same language. It's surprised me enough. So i think the regional students should improve their English ability if they wanted to run as fast as their competitors in other regionals. I've given them a good example here to build this English version blog as I'm one of international classes members even it just uses a simple-informal styled English and I do don't care about grammar. Why should I be worried about grammar because my foreigner friends can understand what I've written here.

I'm still looking for my international students to get rid their scary in English. By the way, can you imagine how hard any English teachers from other schools to teach their students?

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Anonymous Mr.LooG said...

I'll tell you why Ibu Guru..
Its sooo different, to speak English in 'Seenak-udel' way and in 'proper'english..

In friendster pages, you can speak English in the way that you want to..
But you can't do that in formal class..

Anyway, walopun dah nonton any English movie, listening any English song, tetep aja beda..

March 30, 2008  
Blogger wyd said...

i cant believe that, young lady.
i can speak english even i've never taken any english course before.

the only one way to speak english is just speak english.
it's easy enough, isn't it?

March 30, 2008  
Anonymous Mr.LooG said...

Well, probably you can speak English well in Indonesia, and everybody understand you..
But if yougo abroad, its not that easy..
You speak, nobody understand..
They speak, you don't understand..

Belum lagi slang words nya yang beda2..
Kayak di jakarta pake lu-gua, di ambon pake beta, yang gitu2 yang susah..

March 30, 2008  
Blogger wyd said...

see... in my post im telling abt my students, my chemistry class which mean they all are in indonesia.

that's why im wondering why they dont wanna speak english bcz we all must be indonesians who use english.

boss dan team work ibu juga bukan orang indonesia yg ga ngerti banyak kosa kata bhs indonesia (paling2: aku sayang kamu, udah makan belum, dan sejenisnya) meski udah dengerin CD buat belajar.

tp ga semua pake bhs slank kayak black ppl atau anak2 muda biasa gunakan. mungkin krn mereka semua udah lbh tua dari ibu yah... jd bhsnya agak2 mudah dimengerti

March 31, 2008  
Anonymous Mr.LooG said...

Another opinion: Ngapain kita harus bicara pake bahasa alien di negara kita sendiri??
Kalo bule2 datang ke negara kita, ngapain kita harus ngomong bahasa Inggris ke mereka??
Lha wong mereka yang datang ke negara kita, bicara lah pake bahasa kita..
Kecuali kalo kita di negara mereka, ya memang kita harus bicara pake bahasa mereka..

Lucu aja yah Bu..ironi malah..
Lebih bangga bicara pake bahasa Inggris daripada bahasa kita sendiri, sementara kita berada di negara sendiri..

April 02, 2008  
Blogger wyd said...

the problem is the foreigners with whom im using english are my bosses. and they do dont understand indonesian, but 'udah makan belum?'

and abt my students in international classes... they must take international exams which will use english in all papers.
i just try to help them all to take the best of their exams.

jadi bukan karena kami bangga bahasa orang lain tapi karena kondisi yang mengharuskan kami melakukan itu....

April 07, 2008  

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