March 30, 2008

The Reasons to Create Blogs

Being a blogger is a trend here nowadays. I wasn't interested to create a blog at the time as I had no so much time to write any posts or to manage the blog. For me once I have a blog, I must build it as nice as possible and I don't wanna do a job by putting my half heart only on that field. But when I typed our school's name to search an updated news of our school, the links went nowhere. I was so sad to think that the school is one of outstanding schools, among some, in South Sumatera but there's no any new information from the school management. How could people know what it is? What if people want to know what programs the school may launch, who the principal is, who will teach their kids if they had any kids studying in the school, and so on.

I reported to my principal about it. He said that the school had had a website. But he might be surprised when I said it didn't work any more. Then I asked the IT front desk why the website was staged and went nowhere. He -in my eyes- gave a bad response by saying, 'I don't want it go to somewhere. It will scary me up'. I didn't care what he might say or how bad his words or body style when he's answering me. It's not a big problem for me. I just wanna see when people out there wanna check something about our school, they will get a correct information.

There 's nothing I could do but just waited. So I waited for the updated website and waited and waited. I talked to the highest level students to create any personal blogs and to write any posts about their school. But students said they couldn't write a good article and they had no much spare time to manage the blog if they had created one. Oh God, they do have much time and write an article just will take a little time of theirs. Once again I could do nothing but just waited. I'd waited for almost two months but there's no any good replies from both students or the school management.

I couldn't waited for any longer. I thought someone should write any new thing or a correct information about the school. I thought someone should create a website or a portal or a forum which would write the school's name many times to let the search engine find one when people were browsing. If there's no someone out there would think that they'd do this job, why I should ask them doing this job? Why should I just ask others but I didn't do that job? No time, too busy, or etc. etc. aren't a reason to not to build a website or a portal or a space in internet.

At first time I was confused what I should do. I didn't know how to create a website even I knew there are so many free spaces or something like that in internet. But I didn't change in this way. When I want to know something I will learn it as well as I can and it will work later as what I want. I run the same way in this case.

I browsed and browsed to learn what the hell a domain meant. I learnt what the meaning of a website, a domain, what differences among a website, a portal, a forum or even a blog. I got all clear then. So here I'm. I've sufficiently built two kinda blogs, one is in Indonesian and this one is in English. Time shows me later that Indonesian version go much faster than this one.
I don't care about the statistic. The only one thing that I'll care is when people wanna get a news or an information about our school, they may get a correct information.
When you search by using Google search engine today, you may see my blog over there and it will give you a correct information about our school.

Because I love working there, I dedicate my blogs for the school.

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