March 2, 2008

Wasting Time

What will take your time much? Watching on TV, reading newspapers, chatting with neighbors, or something else? I run mine now as I have no much spare time to do such things above. You know, jobs, kid, students are my perfect reasons to say so. If I might have a little spare time, I'd spend it here in internet. Will it waste my time? First I don't think so but I know I do then.

Imagine this....
I must go to my university to study for 4 days a week from 7 morning to 5 evening. Then at night I'll spend time with students and kid to check how good their day or help them a little in their home works or lessons or just even chit chat with them. It will finish after 10 pm of each day. 

Then the time for myself to take care of myself or just look on the mirror to check my face getting older day by day:) No, it's not time for doing such cared-myself, but it's time to check emails. As you all do, I have some email addresses separating them based on who will receive emails. Because I have some works, so I need some emails to get the best what kinda work I'm talking about or what kinda people I'm sending emails. So I have emails for personal business, personal, and school with its jobs. As I have more than one email addresses, it will be impossible to check them all only in a few seconds. I then will try to spend so much time which I should pay for myself -here- in internet to check emails, to reply some important emails, do a job asked by personal business to do -such as editing work papers-, to edit stories, and so on. I usually come to post something into my blogs or forum. I usually write an article in 10-20 minutes. I have no much time to edit them as I've just learned to build a blog. A website page where I've been joining will be managed by my friends. I'll just post. 

Having my own blogs giving me many advantages. As I used to write a diary since I was in elementary school. It started with a thick diary, pretty heavy books and a locked file then. Now I'm here using internet to write all things not just my daily activity but also education and human being issues, the things which filling my head fully. I up till now can't control myself not to write besides paid stories. It doesn't take much time but still it needs time, does it?

Without checking the clock, I'll know that early morning is coming. With my tired body, I won't face the mirror but just lay body on bed. Don't you think I've wasted my time here then?

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