March 11, 2008


Don't think I'm bad when you read the title above. It's what I said when I checked my class forum today and I found out so many porn pictures and links over there. Too bad that I didn't check it for about 2 weeks. I just hope none had seen those f****** pictures because they did go to a wrong forum. My forum was created to relate my students, my fellow chemistry teachers, and me. It's the place where we all may write something about chemistry or ask and get answer of chemistry fields or other fields which relate with chemistry. But it's so bad that those f****** people came over there and put many such pictures. What the f*** were they thinking when they sent those all to my class forum? I really got mad at that time.
I didn't know where I should run my words to blame those people. If I'd find them out I'd kick their big assholes for sure! I do hate such people who just put sex in their emptied mind! They may do whatever they wanna do but why they must send all bad stuffs to an education forum?! They must read my posts and they shouldn't act bad. They maybe good f***er but why they need to show such vulgar porn to teens as my students are under 16 years old? they're dumb a**holes!


It happened because I managed my 3 posts open for public. I did it because a few students and fellow teachers asked me not put a restriction as I didn't check my forum regularly. I thought what if spam and random sites came? But I thought then it'd be okay as it's an education forum. The adults sites -don't care who the admins- will think twice to responds such forum. It will look so funny to put porn sites in any eduction forum or sites I think. But the hell it happened! They must be jumpin' to the hell!

I was so shocked seeing such porn pictures on my forum. They ain't not naked pictures only but people over there showed many styles to readers how to f*** and some women -old or young- were doing 'something' with their vagina. First I thought I just typed a wrong site address so I linked back. Then I deleted them all with unhappy feeling while I was thinking if one or some students had linked them. As I was deleting them, a friend came for a chat by messenger. After saying hi, I sent 'shiitttt' to him. He asked me what had been happening to me to say such word for him. I explained him with many shit-f*** words and typed the explanation so fast.


To all students who don't understand how bad (as I didn't!) people out there, I warn you all to be more careful to open your sites for public because some parts of the world don't understand how to proud others' privacy. As I'd ever said to my friend that there were two kinda people who bad or good. The bad ones may go to your site and do what they do to me. Anyway it's an expensive experience for me.

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Blogger wyd said...

They tried to come once again into my forum but let see if they could

March 15, 2008  
Anonymous Sofian said...

education forum with porn picture,
but don't worry,
Indonesian goverment will blocking the porn site
I dunno 'bout the other country,..

March 25, 2008  
Blogger wyd said...

which porn sites?
how will they categorize which one is a porn site and which one isn't?
do they have accesses to act so?
sounds it's so impossible for me.

March 26, 2008  

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