April 14, 2008

God Should Know

I have a big question for God. Does He know what my heart is speaking? If He answered yes, He should know what He might do. If He answered no, I’d tell Him all feelings I’m having right now. But I guess He knows already so I don’t need to explain it all here. That’s why I’m wondering so much why He just keeps silent. I don’t know why He doesn’t wanna work by his miraculous hands on this case. I asked him for years. Does He wanna see my sadness again after years it has accompanied me? God, You know I hate crying.

So we must wait and wait for something which we don’t know where it will end or when it will end. Oh God, please just give me a clue. I wish our dreams would come true before we gave up.
For God’s sake, He should do something in this case.He did, I guess, but I didn't like His chosen way because I couldn't see a good part of it yet. Sighhh....

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

what are u talkin' about?
u're trying to hide something but u wanna get satisfied by telling this here.

u can ask friends when u have a prob, maam.

i like your posts, especially words from a son. a nice article

a handsome man from canada :)

May 16, 2008  
Blogger wyd said...

u may be right.

thx for visiting my blog and reading my posts, handsome man :)

May 19, 2008  

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