March 30, 2008

Words From A Son

Young generations today will share only a little part of their activities with their parents. They may try to find someone out there to share the rest. Why can't they share everything -many things at least- with their parents? Will their parents listen to them? Will their parents understand what they want and give them fair opinions? I was shocked enough when a few days ago my son told me about his friends' parents.

He told me that his male friends needed to hide their female friends' names in their cell phones memory because their parents would check with who they're sending SMS or even talking to. So the kids will create new boys' names for those girls' names. I told my son that I trusted him much and I thought he wouldn't do something bad behind me. To give him choices, I asked my son if he'd like if I did same thing. He said, he's happy with the way I'd chosen and he didn't want me to change it.

He asked me then if I was bothered with songs he'd like to listen to. He asked me how I could like such hard songs. Just to make you not be confused about it, he likes underground music and his band will play such songs on stage. But I said if he liked such songs, I didn't need him to change his way. Even for me the singers who sing his all loved songs seem like people screaming I won't ask him to leave them. I also won't tell him that sometimes I have headache when the singers scream too loud. By this way he will learn how to proud me and he wont play his kinda music when I'm studying or needing a big concentration.

The conversation which I had with my son reminding me that sometimes young genres run wrong ways because older people want the younger ones to run their ways as those young genres' ways. It's kind of something unfair for younger people, isn't it?

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