July 28, 2008

How Should We Face A Terror?

Sometimes we can’t predict with whom we’re having a relationship. Sometimes we think people with whom we’re shaking hands are good people but they’re not in fact. Here I’m not telling you the best way how to face a terror. I just wanna tell you what I did when I had one.

It occurred since 3 days ago. First I thought I need to tell someone about it but his mobile engaged when I called him. Then I told a little part to my big sister and mum, just to remind them all if something bad happened to me. They live in other places of other island. I live here without any relatives but my son. But he stays at dormitory and just back home on Saturday afternoon and back to dormitory again on Sunday evening.

Some people who know about this case say that I’m facing psychos. In my eyes, they have no love inside to feel mankind. Whatever they are in real, I’m then so scared to walk around without covering my face. I need to drive speed just because I’m afraid they may stop me in the street and do something bad. I’m being a phobia in opened areas if I don’t know people surround me. I lock doors and windows one second after I get home. Then use additional keys for doors even I’m at home. It’s something like I’m caging me myself alone at home.

Then I thought it’s not funny to cage myself in my own home just because some people out side were terrorizing and trying to hurt me. But when I read their short messages via mobile phone, I knew they would do anything to terrorize me. My big sister reminded me to be much more careful, to scream and to ask favor from other people when they tried to do something bad to me. She knows that I’m not easy to tell my problems or ask favor from others. But in this case, I’ll scream for sure when it’s needed.

1)Tell some trusted people about your big problem
They can be witnesses when the psycho goes crazy. I, in my case, told my big sister and mum. I couldn’t tell details but at least they knew.

2)Talk to people about something else
I called some people one by one and then asked some others to call me back.
I didn’t care how much I should pay the charge. I just need to feel safe. Talk to people when you’re scared sometimes can help you a little. You may not need to tell your problem, just need to talk, talk, and talk about all things except your big problem.

3)Be with friends
Don’t let you are alone especially in an opened area. Bad people may do something crazy to you by the third party. When you need to meet those people at certain place, just go there with your friends and meet them in a crowded-opened area.

4)Write your feeling
When you must face bad people, you should write down your big problem because it also can be a proof for others.

5)God will save you
Don’t be ashamed being scared because we’re just human being but keep in your heart that God will always save you. He will take care who believe in Him.

Good luck! God bless you….

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

good luck...... and be careful.....

August 08, 2008  
Blogger wyd said...

thx, guy....

why dont u leave your name, plz

hope you're someone who i've known

August 11, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi girl, what's up????
what happen to u????

may god bless u

August 14, 2008  
Blogger wyd said...

thank u very much but I'm really ok now

August 16, 2008  

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