May 6, 2008

Where Should We Put Love?

It should go to a right place. Where is the right place? Nobody can predict where it is because nobody can read his/her future.

It’s something interesting when a guy asked me more about my identity just to make him himself sure about his dream. He one day had a dream that he would marry a woman from Indonesia and that dream also told him about her name. For those reasons, he asked my complete name, my date of birth, time of birth, and what the place name was. I asked him if the dream also told him about all things completely. He said he just wanna ask a smart person who could read future if I was his destiny. Wow, it’s more interesting than I knew before.

Yes we’re old friends. In my view, friends shouldn’t be in love each other as a woman and a man. Friends are friends. The love between friends is different with the love between a man and a woman. The relationship between friends is so special but it’s different with a man-a woman relationship.

I got mad with him when about one week later he came and told me the result of his trip. He said the smart person told him that everything between us was good. He clearly told me that he would marry me. What the fuck! How can he marry a woman just because he listens to the stranger? The smart person is a stranger for him, right? How can people believe in what a smart person's views just because he says that he can see the future or read lines on your palm? Wake up, it’s a new millennium where we live in the one world only and we can know what happens in other side of the world in second? When I told him these all, he got laugh so hard and said that I sounded like someone who didn’t believe in Goddess. He said I’m frustrated for years and it had changed me. What the hell is it? Me? Don’t believe in God? Oh my, nobody will say so. Everyone knows that I believe in Him but I just can’t believe in guy who acting as Him.

For me, I won’t be in love with a guy who I don’t know much about him. I may have a sweet feeling for him but it’s not a love. It happens just because he’s a man and I’m a woman. It’s something like when you meet an interesting one and you think you both may have fun together but it just what you think about you and that man/woman but not what you do in real with him/her. So it’s not a love at all.

So what we can say about love? It’s something unpredictable, neither by old people nor by young ones.

My Love

Not easy to say that I can be in love with someone after long bad past I had. What happened? It’s too long to tell but too much longer to write. I’d like to let it pass away and leave it behind.

Where do I put my love then? I share with every single person surround me and with some special ones. Some? Yes. But they get different loves from me. One of them is so special in my heart. He’s a nice-good guy with a big loving heart who is decent to be loved. He told me one day that I had covered the holes of his heart where he had placed his love long time before. For me, it means he loves me. So I think I’m not clapping in the air by my one hand.

I sufficiently wanna say that a love is something special in your heart when it comes to the right place. Find your right place and put your love over there. A love just comes from the God, never come from the evil.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, wyd my name is warren

i like your posts and wanna meet u

may i meet u when i visit indonesia?

i'll be there around sept-oct


July 21, 2008  
Blogger wyd said...

if i could i would meet u (but cant promise) as i like having friends. anyway welcome to my country....

thx for visiting, guy

July 22, 2008  

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