May 27, 2008


Once again I received an offline message from an Indian friend telling me how Indian Muslims bombed a town there, named Jaipur. The bomb blast had killed twenties people and hundreds injured. Jaipur ain’t a city of Indonesia and I’m not an origin Indian. Not because my daddy lives in India and I have some good Indian friends and they live in some cities over there, so I think the bomb is a wrong-bad-fool thing.
Without I planned, I recalled my memory about Bali bombing. I still could remember how hundreds people died and thousands injured. Many of the killed people were foreigners. The most were Americans.

A few months later the bombers were arrested but not all Indonesians believed that they were the real bombers. I had no opinion if they’re real bombers or not but I got happy if police had arrested the real bombers. They might be just victims as the world wanted the bombers and didn’t care who they were. But years later the time proved that they really knew how to kill and they believed something stupid about being a killer. Those bastards look so innocent, they speak softly as they can’t kill even an ant. But they did, not just ants but people in the early morning of October 13, 2002 in Bali, a Goddess Island of Indonesia.

I’m not reminding everyone how bad it was. It ain’t an interesting story to tell at all. The victims and their relatives don’t wanna watch the movie which bases on it. I can understand. I who don’t have any relatives or even someone I might know as a victim can’t stand any more to recall the story. Not full story, neither even a little part.

Islam and Peace

I love peace. God also loves peace, doesn’t He? I can’t understand how people can kill other people in the name of Him then? I read the Bali bombers told that they might go to heaven if they could kill their enemies. The enemies are people who have different religion with them. They may be Muslims. So they wanna tell the world that Islamic rules allow them to kill other people. How do the hell they argue so? Is that what Islamic rules really say? I can’t believe that even a word!

Islam loves peace. Muhammad the Prophet (p.u.h) by using Hadist and Quran taught his follower to love other people. He never taught his follower to kill people or even animals without any reasons. He appreciated other religions and he never forced anybody to convert into Muslims. He worked together with his Muslims guys and other religions’ guys. He corresponded with the king of Roman. He taught to proud of Jesus Christ as one of the Muslims’ messengers.

I’m a Muslim though I’m not a good one for sure but at least I never think to kill other people or even just hurt them, both Muslims and people of other religions. I know God never made a mistake in anyways and he isn’t blind, doesn’t need to sleep or even take rest, doesn’t need to eat or drink, and we human can’t hide anything from Him. He’ll punish who has destroyed His earth. I believe this in my life.

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Blogger Kumar said...

Am a muslim Indian. Have you ever come to India? Want you to visit my country? I will show you how nice my country

August 26, 2008  
Blogger wyd said...

I've been an invitation from my good friend to visit india but i honestly would like to visit america first for a personal reason.

September 09, 2008  
Blogger Yulia Ardina said...

Mam Wyd, I love your blog

Visit Hong Kong! I'd love to meet you :)

March 19, 2013  

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