May 13, 2008

How Do We Possible Have Our Sweet Home?

When I decided to buy that house, it ain’t because we needed a house. We rented a nice home and I saved remain of money as I wasn’t a good shopper. As I had no much time to go out and also couldn’t stand crowded places, I’d rather be home. Because the saving money was much enough to credit a small house with its small space, and my office male mates burnt me to buy one, so I did. But I didn’t think we would live there at that time.

But years later I thought that I wasted some money to rent a big house and let my own small house just standing there without someone would clean it. So I tried to save money again –I lost all of saving money because of one reason- and slow but sure we tried to keep in our mind that the house was belong to us. My son and I went there sometimes just to check if we did have our house. It was funny enough, right? When we decided to move there, friends said that it’s a good choice. Because when we had stayed at our own home, we would think what more we might do for the home and when we needed to buy a stuff we would mention if that stuff would suit with our rooms. I thought it’s true.

So we –my son and I- wrote down what we needed and what we had to do first. Paint the house! I calculated how much it was but my son challenged me that we could paint our home by ourselves because it would have good paint that if we asked for others. I got laugh at first thinking it’s so impossible because I had no time. But he said that we could try. Yeah, we could of course! He told me that he wanna paint his room colorful. And we did! It has blue sky, soft pink and soft yellow!

Then I thought it’s impossible for me to have a sweet home because price of all matters were so high. But then I knew the key.

When the money is limited but we wanna have our sweet home, we can calculate how much money we should pay. Then ask the maintenance guys to calculate and how much we need to pay them. When it’s much lesser, we can ask for them to do all parts and we just know it’ll be finished and we will take the home key. When it’s much higher, we can buy the matters by ourselves and pay them just for their work. We should draw a blue print of the house and explain details for the maintenance guys. Don’t build all parts in one time. Just build one by one.

We sufficiently will have our own sweet home for sure!



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