May 6, 2008

How Did I Face Threats?

These are my experiences of facing threats.

The first threat came from a father of my ex student who had to move out from our school because the student had collided many rules of the school. I tried to persuade the student that being a student of our school wasn’t the only one way to get success. So even he had to move to other school he could be success, I said.

A couple weeks later his parent phoned me and threatened me that he would report me to the police station because I had blamed his son in front of other students after his son moved out. I said he could ask every singe person in the school what I did to his son. If he could find something bad that I had done to his son, he might report me and I would face him. I wasn’t afraid of anything if I didn’t do something bad, I just tried to teach my students as well as I could and I didn’t mention who their parents but I would take care of them all as they were my own children, I explained him. I accept his son or other people’s sons here at dormitory as my own sons.

Every body is special in my heart. I’ll never hate a kid just because I have problem with his/her parents or sisters or brothers. I’ll get mad when kids try to against any rule but I never punish one of them. I’ll ask them what they should do. For an example, when kids don’t clean their room, I’ll ask them to clean it up. I don’t care they’re getting a sweet dream at that time. I’ll make them up and do what they should do before they sleep. Students say that they don’t wanna have a problem with me because I actually don’t give them a punishment but I will get discipline in anything. Students of X level say that they will rather face the principal than me because when I say something I’ll do that and I’ll get discipline with the made rules.

The second threat came from a woman who considered herself as a member of a Citizen Social Activity Group (LSM). At first she sent me a sms to ask the principal’s cell phone number. I replied her that I didn’t know it. About one hour later she sent me a number of sms and all said bad things of our school, SMA Plus Negeri 17 Palembang. I replied one by one and at that time I didn’t know that she’s a woman. By reading her rude words and statements, I thought she’s a man. When I phoned her cell number back, it’s engaged. I did about 4-5 times but she didn’t wanna pick it up.

The second incompletely sms of her said something wrong about Our School Olympiad Team. I replied ‘sorry, your sms came to me incompletely and you sent to a wrong person. I’m not a decision maker in SMA 17. I’m a trainer of Chemistry Olympiad and all students of Chemistry Olympiad Team reached the higher competition, is the province level. Sorry that I don’t like SMS, too lazy to press keypads’.
But she replied again and said worse about the school. One of my reply said ‘Wow, you know nothing about SMA Plus Negeri 17 Palembang. Better not to say something which you don’t know about. BTW thanks for sms, hope they would motivate all members of 17’.

But she replied me again with a sms which had no relation with my last sms and sent me some sms then. She tried to threat me and the school. she hoped I would get mad for her and I might reply her with bad words. She’s stupid and she didn’t know me at all. I replied her again ‘U look stupid much more than I thought of u before. I HATE sms, ok? Just pick your phone up or be a looser in your rest life. Get me, guy?’
I knew later that she’s a woman because she explained it by another sms.

Who is that stupid woman?

If she’s really a woman and she doesn’t know me, she’s really stupid. She just tried to fool me by her sms but she’d get nothing. Poor people!

I don’t wanna waste energy just because some bad words purposed to me or my work. If she would talk to me, I’d explaine her what she wanted to know about me myself, school, and my work. I bet she was trying to find something wrong in my work but she couldn’t find one anyway. I’m not talking that I’m perfect in work but at least I had given the best for me for school and students. If someone dare to say that I didn’t do my job well, she must be crazy. None will hear her words.

For me when I decide to do something I’ll give the best of me. I won’t ask other people to help me before I myself will try that work again and again. I won’t take a job which I think I can’t do well. I know what I can or can’t do because I just take hands on my work not on other people’s works.

How could I be calm when they're threating me?

Just don’t think that you’re talking to normal people. Imagine this: can you get mad to crazy-minded people? If u answered ‘no way’ you’re a normal one. So normal people should listen to in-normal people because it’s a way to recover their heart and mind.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum wr wv

Mam, I think you shouldn't ask yourself how to face threats. I had read this posted blog, and I guess you have the answer for your own question.
Never Mind The Threats...
It's the way to face it.
sorry if my englisgh was bad.


May 10, 2008  
Blogger wyd said...

heyy uuuu....
read all posts carefully, young man!

i just told everyone out there how to face the threats.

hope it would help others

May 13, 2008  
Anonymous Mr.LooG said...

Ibu gurunya killer ternyata blehh..
Jadi takut nihh..

Ntar saya digigit lagi..
Soalnya saya tipe murid yang mempunyai chemistry yang bagus dengan pojok detention..=(

May 14, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wah... mr.loog
itu bukan marahnya Bu Wyd,hehe
kalo ngomong pun ibu Wyd intonasinya kadang-kadang kayak marah, tapi sebenernya nggak...

Iya Bu...udah baca semuanya kok ^^,,
terus dari judulnya harusnya udah tau ya "How did I Face Threats?". Bukan "How Should I Face Threats?". Maaf deh


May 14, 2008  
Blogger wyd said...

Buat mr. Loog:
Kata orang ga kenal maka kurang sayang... kayaknya pas deh buat komentarmu kali ini. thx udah mampir yah....

Buat Husnul:
namanya juga manusia kan tempatnya khilaf... asal jangan khilaf keterusan.
thx udah komentar yah. jadi kangen...

May 14, 2008  
Anonymous Mr.LooG said...

Wahh, kalo dak marah aja gini gimana k alo marah nya Ibu Guru??!!

Tambah dipikir tambah ngeri de..


May 14, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hehe, sama Bu.. Kangen sama semua guru di sana :)


May 14, 2008  
Blogger wyd said...

buat mr. loog:
berteman atau kenal dengan seseorang bukan untuk dipikir deh tapi untuk dijalani. jangan pernah takut berbeda pendapat denga teman atau siapa pun.

ada banyak orang yang bersuara keras tapi hatinya lembut. sementara yang lain bersuara lembut tapi tega membunuh sesama. mana yang kamu pilih jadi temanmu adalah pilihanmu.

Buat Noel:
Siapa nih yah? sori kalau ibu lupa-lupa gitu deh....

makasih kalian udah sempat mampir yah...

May 16, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Noel = Husnul


May 16, 2008  
Anonymous Mr.LooG said...

Wahh, kalo mo pilih temenan sama malaekat luar dalem ada gak yah bu??

May 17, 2008  
Blogger wyd said...

kayaknya bisa deh ketemu malaikat di akhirat sana tapi syaratnya mati dulu plus masuk surga kali yah...
are u ready?

buat ibu sih sama siapa aja bisa berteman tergantung bagian-bagian yang mau di-share atau hidden.

May 19, 2008  

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