July 25, 2008

When A Guy Can’t Respect Women

It’s about a guy with whom I was talking yesterday. I had so many bad experiences with him and knew how bad he was. I’m not sure he can be a good guy though he has passed years of his life. I thought for years that he had put some sh*t in his brain. And I proved what I thought of him yesterday.

As I don’t like thinking bad about others and I won’t think one part of him but he contacted me, again, yesterday. I knew for sure when he did it meaning he needed something from me. And I once again proved it. But as he cant respect a woman, and I’m a woman, what I should do for him? Just let my mobile off and it means I cant receive any SMS or calls from other people? Just let he send me SMS but I shouldn’t reply? Just let it ring but I shouldn’t pick it up?

But even via SMS, he tried to hurt me. Did I get hurt? Oh, come on, I’m a strong woman as every single person says about me. So what the problem is then? Nothing. Just wanna write what I had yesterday. Just wanna tell every single person out there that a woman can be stronger, much stronger, than a guy. Just wanna tell women out there that they shouldn’t cry, get angry, or think bad about themselves when guys around them tell something bad about them. Because there are so many bad guys out side who cant respect a woman even by words. Because there are so many stupid guys out side who will try to hurt women for fun. What? For fun? Oh yes, for sure I can say that there are so many bad guys out side who will say so and may act stupid and they think it’s fun, at least for themselves as they cant respect women or even themselves. That’s true!

In my opinion when a f*cking guy cant respect a woman, it means he cant respect his himself and it also means his heart is blind to see how he may have a happy life if he can do a better way.

The guy with whom I was talking yesterday, he made me think of another one. The last guy, with whom I have shared many things and stories, has given me the best view of life which I’ve ever got. And the last guy who I’m talking about, has sent me hundreds beautiful roses which I’ll share some with you all over here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saved as a favorite, I really like your blog!

April 13, 2014  
Blogger wyd said...

@Anonymous: Thank u so much

April 26, 2014  

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