September 11, 2008

Indonesian Language (Part 1): How to Spell?

Bahasa Indonesia or Indonesian language unites the over 250 millions people with more than 400 kinda regional dialects or even distinct languages. Learning Indonesian language ain’t something hard. Here I’ll introduce you to Indonesian language and how to spell words using general audience. There are some key points which will be so easy to learn.

1) Each letter has special sound and it won’t be same with others. I’ll write how to spell each letter and you may compare it when you spell certain words in English.
For example:
A = cut, nut, month.
It means we can spell ‘A’ as we spell ‘u’ for ‘cut’ or ‘nut’ or ‘o’ in ‘month’.
I = ink, hint, bee, etc.
U = foot, soon, moon, etc.
E = check, send, earth, etc.
O = joy, toy, obey, etc.

The following consonants are important consonants which may distinguish them with English version as the rest are same.
C = chuck, child, chart, etc. (don’t spell ‘C’ as we spell ‘C’ in cute, case, cell, certain, etc.).
G = grant, good, game, etc. (don’t ever spell ‘G’ as we spell ‘G’ in giant, gee, gentle, etc.).
K = key, kidney, kidding, etc.
R = rare, rule, ring, etc. (use a harder tension for ‘R’ in Indonesian than English).

The all rules will realize all words in Indonesian language.

2) A word generally needs a vocal between two consonants. We’ll find rarely a word has three or more consonants or a word consists of one tension as we easily find them in English, such as words above (cut, nut, month, ink, etc.). Words in Indonesian language needs two tensions, at least.
For examples:
Meja (me-ja) = table
Kaki (ka-ki) = foot
Gigi (gi-gi) = tooth
Duduk (du-duk) = sit
Sakit (sa-kit) = pain, sick
Bahaya (ba-ha-ya) = dangerous
Menjahit (men-ja-hit) = sew
Kelakuan (ke-la-ku-an) = behavior, attitude

Have fun with Indonesian language!

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