August 19, 2008

In Memoriam: My Daddy

August is a historical month for both Indonesians and Indians. The independence day of India is August 14, and on August 17, for Indonesia. But this year, it might be the saddest August for me since I received SMS which stated my daddy passed away. And the worst was I couldn’t see him for the last time of his life.

Last month he called me telling me that he was at airport, in Jakarta and asked me if I possible met him. Because I was in a long monthly examination of my study, and it’s not so easy for me, I couldn’t visit him at that day. I had to manage my time. When I decided to visit him on one Saturday, my son was sick. So he forbade me to go. I of course couldn’t visit him except on Saturday evening till Monday morning. And the last week before he went back to India, was a big busy week in my school. We’re preparing everything to take the ISO 9001:2000. I had to translate, to edit, and to print hundreds papers. It’s impossible for me to go to Jakarta. Then time was over.

I don’t wanna regret anything. If I couldn’t visit him, not because I didn’t care of him or he’s not important any more in my life, but I must have a reason. He’d know that. He’s a wise man, the wisest Hindu I’ve ever known. He one day said this: ‘If you’re doing something wrong I gonna kick your ass, not because I hate you but because of my love for you.’ Or this one: ‘The world may go crazy but you don’t be the one.’ Or this one when I argued years ago that I wanted my son being someone in my head: ‘Parents will go through the edge of a night, so they shouldn’t be selfish for their sons and daughters because those kids are going to walk to dawn.’

He’s the softest guy in the world who had so much love in his heart. He’s 66 years old when he’s gone. It’s enough for him to spread love over this d*mn world. Because I had no his body and I couldn’t attend his funeral in India I burnt all pictures I had as a Hindu should do.

God promises that a good man will end in a good place.

Rest in peace, my beloved daddy.

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Blogger mellyana said...

i don't know you personally, nevertheless, my deep condolences for you and family...

he a man with statement :) this is my conclusion...

September 01, 2008  
Blogger wyd said...

he is... thx, girl

September 01, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We in India celebrate The Independence Day of India at 16th August , not 14th August.

September 15, 2008  
Anonymous vs1089 said...

I do not who is this guy who mentioned as 16 th august is indian independence day. Please note all of you it is 15 th august. . . & my dear. . He.he.he.he.heeee. . I really admire you for all the lovely things you have written in your diary. . Love you for the love you have shown for your father . . I am not going to write my name here. Bye. . But you can sms me. . Ok . . Hey have you checked that yoga web site

October 15, 2008  
Blogger wyd said...

I didnt know u'd read my posts. i thought u just wanna know if i hide something abt 'mr. right' or not.
hope u're okay reading abt him. i wrote some and put his photos here and in my indonesian blog, especially when im missing him :)

abt august 14, i didnt check it in net but a friend from delhi said so. sorry abt it. i didnt know also who the anonymous was. guess he's an indian.
my opinion that u (indians) have some fixed dates to celebrate the independence day.

October 15, 2008  

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