March 24, 2009

My Teenager

I got permission from my son to write about him and also to publish it here. He’s a teen, however. Being a mommy for teens isn’t something easy especially when you’re alone to take care of them. Lucky me (or unlucky?), I just have one with me. At least I just need to separate my attention for less fields, are him, works, household, and the last one is me myself.

He grew up so fast. But I still remember when I picked him to his playgroup’s class. I can remember how I couldn’t recognize him when we met in the street while I was thinking how poor a mom who had that kid. Though I served his uniform so clean, but then he played ‘soccer’ with his friends at school and he was back home as 'a soccer player' plus spotted brown everywhere on his uniform. If he didn’t call me, I would pass him over.

His name is Dyer. He’s 15 years old now. Sometimes this young man surprises me. He looks like a mature guy in words. But all I know from his statements is he loves me much.

A couple days ago he told me that some of his male friends talked to him about me and our relationship. It’s about how close we’re.
‘You may mind if I get close with your mommy but I do that with my own mommy. Why should you mind?’ he argued them.
He said that he would kiss me and he didn’t care if his male friends were around. I said it would be okay for me if he couldn’t give me a soft kiss on my cheeks in front of his friends, but he told me that he’s fine with it. Of course I like having his little kiss on my cheeks or lips :)
Last two weeks, I bought him an electric bass after a long month he persuaded me. As I know he loves music so much and he can play some instruments by learning them by himself, and he just has an old-dissatisfied guitar, so it’s a good time to praise him. I could see how bright his eyes, how nice his smile to show how happy his heart inside when he sufficiently had the electric bass.

Nobody has learnt how to be a good parent, nor me. I may not a perfect mommy for my son. But all that I do for him are ones we think good things or even the best for him. They might be not seen too well for him at that time but for his future. I love my teenager and pray for his best life.

If you’re parents of a teen or teens, you can understand how much this love. If you’re a son or a daughter, you will know how much your parents love you.

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Blogger Tarazika said...

ehmm..keep fightting mom

never give up..

and keep writing...!


March 29, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


March 29, 2009  
Blogger MAY'S said...

You so rich!!!

reading this make me alitle bit jealousy on me..
Than make me saying : Thanks God that one of my friend have the Best Thing in her live..

make me praying louder to Lord

one day I believe u get me ONE!!!

send my big smile to ur son...

April 13, 2009  
Anonymous Zar said...

Mam, is that in the photo u'r son?

Hmm, seems quite different with u..
U'r quiet white, but u'r son (in the photo) semms black... Why?

Hhe.. Peace mam ^_^v

June 23, 2009  
Blogger wyd said...

@Zar: he looks like his father i guess... hahahahaha... i'll post his daddy's face oneday and u can compare them both then ya :)

June 26, 2009  
Blogger Scratch by Die R said...

how cool am I.

October 03, 2010  
Blogger wyd said...

:) Love u then, sweet

October 04, 2010  

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