April 20, 2014

Mental Disorder

Will you take it when you’ve been told that you have a mental disorder? In my case, I’m not trying to deny it but I’m fine with it. I guess. I’m normal and I live a normal life.

It was started at a night. I had been talking to a friend until late night and he asked if I wanna sleep. I said no, I would not close my eyes tonight. He asked me why. So I explained him everything that I felt since years ago, probably more than 10 years ago. He asked me several things related to why I forced my eyes opened. He then stated that I had a mental sickness. I denied it immediately. He said it’s fine and everything would be fine but I needed a help. He said I deserved to have a happy life. I once again denied his words by saying I was happy and it’s only about a little scary I had.

Next day I browsed and found out several facts about anxiety. For sure I must admit that I have an anxiety disorder. It’s really shocked me. I just cant write it more now. I would try to accept my life just like before I’ve been told that I have a mental disorder.

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