January 5, 2014


An infotainment news in a website about the breakup of Ricky Martin and his longtime boyfriend, Carlos Gonzalez, has been a pretty long discussion between two sides, are agree and disagree about being a gay. I actually just put my comment there as a mommy and a teacher with hundreds young males. I’m in this case not judging wrong or right of being a gay. I got thumb nails down and up for the short comment, however.

Curiosity made me scroll down all comments to read.
There is an interesting explanation in the discussion that a gay is a disorder. Kinds of disorders will be higher 3 times for homosexual than heterosexual. It’s surprised me. I thought homosexuality was ‘only’ about how to face and to handle desires and feelings. I thought we might feel something nice for nice guys but for sure we couldn’t feel the same for bad people. It’s simple as it.
I care about young males who I’m with, indeed, as young females. I more than once discussed about gays and homosexual globally in my class in chemistry term. I taught my own young boy since his early age that a male should be tied up with a female. I had never told him that being a gay was wrong. I made my own way to explain my concept by always saying that he had to choose a female as his wife. In additional I might say that God allowed men to have one, two, three, or four females but to have only one was the best way ever. I never said possibility of having a man for him. So in this viewpoint he would think that the right couple for a man be with is a female. 

I do think that being a homosexual is a choice. For example, if I have two men who offer me a love, but I don’t feel the same yet, I may look deeper which I would like being with. For sure if it’s possible I will choose a better nicer cleverer richer one who I’m comfort being with. In case one can’t fulfill my big list I will choose one with the most criteria. It’s simple as it, once again. It’s pretty funny for me if one says being a homosexual isn’t a choice, because he can’t choose whom he wanna be with. 

Have you seen a little boy would like another little boy sexually? I, indeed, have never seen an example in my life. Should we state that little boys have better viewpoint than us, who consider ourselves as adults-mature people with deeper-wider views? I don’t wanna come into such world, anyhow.

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