December 14, 2009


I thought I’d chosen a good decision not to connect onto internet for a chat but news, browsing or e-mails. I thought I won the game. Later seemed I was just a looser who been totally home alone, stared at TV but watched nothing. As my son has been growing up without I do realize it, he asks me not to go around but he will buy everything I need while I’m ‘taking care’ home. As I have a problem with real spaces, it’s so hard to go around except for very important needs. I then realized that I knew nothing about town I’m settled in.

Months after the ‘good’ decision, I came for a chat again for someone. Today because everything is under uncontrolled, talking to friends by messenger is the only one choice. But honestly after a long night passed by, there’s something inside heart I’ll feel which I can’t explain by words. Something is like a big hole in my heart that needs to be repaired. Something is like a big hole that needs to fill up.

No wonder why TV arranges 'Take Me Out' to people who looking for their couples because this world has been narrower in its real meaning. By internet, people may talk to their friends but most are un-touched-invisible persons. Real friends around are only working mates with who people may share about work’s ways but hide personal stories. There’s a part of the heart which needs to be touched with a true feeling in a real life.

More times the one spends alone, more he traps himself to look for someone called a true friend. Years I used to be alone but never been lonely but now I’m thinking different. Older I’m softer my heart more careful my steps but the need of a true friend is sometimes still there.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems you’re that lonely

December 16, 2009  
Blogger wyd said...

i don’t think so, guy. but honestly one thing is out of my control nowadays. thx for comment

December 16, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like friendship.i live in Jakarta but many times go to Palembang for a work.will u meet me oneday,lady?or can u give me your yahoo id?im male single 42 y/o working for national company n looking for my lady.say im mr.z

December 17, 2009  
Blogger wyd said...

i like friendship also. i’d like to meet friends but cant promise because of my busy times. i’m sorry but thank u so much for invitation. hope u’ll find your good lady soon

December 17, 2009  
OpenID vandeput said...

Hm, that's why there is "mobile" internet :D

December 18, 2009  

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