October 12, 2009

Is Indonesia Safe from Terrorists?

Beginning with the death of the florist in the terror bombing at the Marriot hotel, Ibrohim, after the firefight for seventeen hours, the search for traces’ Nurdin M. Top, a Malaysian terrorist and also the leader of Al-Qaeda in Southeast Asia, who had devastated the beautiful Indonesia, began to show a bright note. He and his cronies had spread terror, put a bomb in public spaces, especially the places visited by many foreigners, especially most Americans.

Nurdin's death in the bathroom of a house in a small village in Solo, Central Java ended up policemen’s long search for the number one terrorist. Indonesian police detachment of anti terror is called Densus 88. It’s then followed by the shooting of his accomplices. One of them is Syafruddin Zuhri, who is suspected as the second guy of their network was shot dead after a fight by throwing the pipe bombs at police.

For a very small part of Indonesians, they are heroes who intend to end the dirty work of America across the world. Indonesia is being the chosen place because the population’s majority of this country is Muslims. That way, the chaos in Indonesia would be a great homework for the interested world. Arab countries certainly very concerned about security in Indonesia to raise the image of Islam to the international world. For Western countries, America for example, Indonesia plays an important role to neutralize the world’s negative view. By a good cooperation with this country will give a positive image of Islamic countries against them. Again, the reason being this is the majority of the Muslims population of this country.

But for most Indonesians, Nurdin and his cronies are just terrorists who tarnish the Islamic face and humiliate Muslims.

My Personal View

I do hate violence, in whatever form and to anyone. Killing other people even with an acceptable reason for feeling is very difficult for me to take it as a good deed. Moreover, if the killings were perpetrated against the people who knew nothing of the matter or may even support what he was fighting for the killers. Although the reason for their version of jihad, a person who kills another person will always be called a murderer, except to kill the opponents in a war. Of course it's something different, however.

Their ideology on behalf of Islam and jihad as an excuse to kill someone else, certainly it’s very opposite of my understanding of jihad. According to the Islamic Jihad which I understand is struggling in the way of God to uphold Islam. This struggle does not mean that according to Islam are allowed to kill anyone, let alone the reasons for differences of religion and the Shari'a.

Sometimes I think, if their purpose is to kill Americans, why they did not come just to America? Would not be much more the American people can be 'sacrificed' for their 'struggle'? Would not it be immediately attract attention around the world?

To Indonesians Who Have Same Vision with Nurdin and His Accomplices

To people who have same vision with Nurdin and his cronies, why you're too cowardly to face the enemy you want the most? Do you know how Islam hates the cowards, don't you? If you asked me if they're terrorists or heroes in my eyes, I will firmly answer: they are big loser terrorists!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tried to make long comments but maybe this will sum it up...

Bad target: Neutral citizens died.
Bad method: Suicide bomb, terrors.
Bad reason: Fanatic in the belief.

We are at the peaceful world now, where act of war will be opposed by all...

Nice target: Fanatic and war-addicts.
Nice method: Information and control.
Nice reason: Peace and stabilization.

Or maybe I am over-optimistic >_<

December 18, 2009  
Blogger wyd said...

for me even they're war-addicts, no reason for us being a killer

December 22, 2009  
Blogger Ludwig said...

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February 04, 2012  

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