May 6, 2014

A Song for Mama

This is a song called A Song for Mama, which I will play everytime I’m missing my son. He loves arts, especially singing and playing instruments.
He said that he wrote the song when he missed me much. What a loveable son he is. Just like every mom will do, he is the first and the best reason to survive for me. We both are close but we nowadays live separated for his study.

He was 19 years old when he wrote A Song for Mama. He is now 20 years old.

A Song for Mama 

I wake up in the morning and trying to open my eyes 
I see the sun shine comes from the glass of the window 
The bright of the sun is not brighter than when I see your smile 
My body is covered by the blanket not warmer than your hug 
Thinking about you is all I do every middle of the night 
I pray for you in every time 
I pray for you in every night 
Hope you’re alright although we’re torn apart 
Just stay and wait for me to hold you later 
 (Whisper) I miss you….

His page in



Blogger Dani Ronnie M said...

Thumbs Up.. Hope you are always ok there, mom.. :-) (y)

July 15, 2014  

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